NextJunction Smartphone App

  • adobe photoshop
  • titanium framework
  • php


NextJunction is an app that brings small businesses and facilities at every junction of the UK motorway network right to your phone.

Innovative approach in search of perfect solution

As our users travel they can set the app to ‘Auto Detection’ and the businesses pop up on the screen indicating an offer or promotion at the next junction. This highlightings more businesses and options off the Motorway.

Our Core Objective

To enpower local businesses by targeting drivers through an cost effective location based marketing plateform and drive footfall.

Our goal was never to just build an app back in 2009. Our goal was to craft a solution and create a relationship with businesses near the junctions of the UK Motorway network. Empowering the small business owners with a tool that would increases awareness to an audience of 20,000 to 30,000 motorway travellers a day.