Proximity Beacons Presentation

  • Expert Evaluation
  • UX Research
  • Mobile Development
  • Bluetooth
  • Estimote Proximity Beacons

The Brief

Whilst working for Bunnyfoot back in 2015 as a Senior UX Consultant, I presented at their annual Summer Party in London, along side UX Consultant Kea Zhang. Kea presented her research and I presented the technology. Our example was based on Museums and This included a realtime Proof of Concept app I development and presented to the audienance.


Beacons/iBeacons have been touted as the next big thing in mapping, mobile payments, hyper local content, indoor navigation, in-store advertising, knowledge sharing, the Internet of Things, wearables, market research data collection and more. At Bunnyfoot we are currently conducting a number of projects where Beacon technology will benefit customers.